Society Self Redevelopment


In the previous decade the real estate industry has observed enormous changes in terms of newly introduced rules and regulations, distortion of demand and supply chain, constant amendments etc. This change has been strained and stressing on the real estate industry. The impacts of this are seen on the redevelopment projects all over Mumbai, where the tasks are deferred because of absence of fund, low or no net revenues, task of redevelopment ventures, run down structures because of postponement and so forth. Because of dependency on the developer, the society individuals who are the proprietors of the society plot fall helpless before the developers.


The concept of Self redevelopment has given many societies, a sigh of relief and an opportunity to enjoy the benefits from the potential of their own plots. Along with the benefits it brings along transparency and freedom of preference. Society Self-Redevelopment represents the most democratic form of redevelopment. Although self-redevelopment is a gigantic opportunity for the society, they are not able to completely extract all its benefits. Moreover, the process has been cumbersome and tiring for the members of the society. Professional external support to the Self Redevelopment venture has become very necessary for the successful execution & completion of the project. Westin Spaces Private Limited aims to provide ease and comfort to the society’s aspirations of self-redevelopment.